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Cologne @ Blue Hour by ill-padrino on Flickr.
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Burg Eltz, Rheinland-Pfalz
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Josef Darchinger’s photograph of the market in Deggendorf, Bavaria, 1955 (via Spiegel Online)
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Burg Eltz, Rheinland-Pfalz 
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Dawn in Munich - by PhilFreez
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Hamburg Germany
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Beautiful Life (by fresch-energy)
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A. Germany, Andernach area, Maria Laach by m. muraskin on Flickr.
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Hildesheim is located in Niedersachsen, Northern Germany, 30 km southeast of Hannover. It may be reached from the Autobahn A7, linking Kassel, Göttingen, and Hannover. 
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Epic by Chr.W. on Flickr.
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A real-life fairytale castle by O Palsson
Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria in Southern Germany, built for king Ludwig II, is one of Europe’s most famous castles, and perhaps the most classically romatic in appearance. It has such a fairytale look to it that it became the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s castle in Disneyworld.
The fairytale look of the castle is no accident — King Ludwig had the castle built in the late 19th Century specifically to help him live out a fantasized and romanticized version of glorious life in the Middle Ages. For this purpose, the castle’s design was drafted by a theatre set designer, although the actual structural details were then provided by an architect.