Deutschland ist schön

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hamburg shows some love!
Hamburg, Germany
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View views like this, it might not seem like such a bad thing when thunderstorms arrive in Marburg, Germany…See hotels nearby on our site, by clicking here. (Image via
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Sankt Goarshausen (Rheinland-Pfalz)
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Klösterl Walchensee
Walchensee (Kochel am See), Bayern
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Neuschwanstein Castle - Bavaria - Germany (von Mal B)
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Dresden by Habub3 
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Essing - Germany (von 1982Chris911 (Thank you 2.500.000 Times))
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Baden-Baden by kaosjsi

…is a spa town in the German state of Baden-Württemberg in southwestern Germany.
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Lights and Thunder, Berlin | Germany (by Tom Kpunkt)
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View of Schloss Marienburg in Pattensen, Germany. The castle is the host of the exhibition ‘Der Weg zur Krone - Das Koenigreich Hannover und seine Herrscher’. The exhibition will be opened by Prince Ernst August of Hanover and Her Royal Highness Princess Michael of Kent on Thursday.
Source: Alexander Koerner/Getty Images Europe
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Somewhere in Germany